Car Show Prep - 2023


I know they came for the pie, but a lot was accomplished at our recent meeting. The usual but much appreciated suspects were up for the task, Tom, Jeff, Robin, Dave, Erin, Peter, Nancy, Warren, Nancy, Jay, Paul, Evonna, Graham, Susie, Linda, and Chuck. It was an extremely collaborative, cooperative, enthusiastic gathering. Although this gathering was previously given the nickname the Stuffing Party as we filled goodie bags with the trinkets donated by various vendors, it is much more than that. A LOT more! Much planning especially with a new site, and the activities we have planned. We are going to have a great show this year.

Graham has been working on soliciting donors and sponsors and has done a great job. $410 in sponsors plus many great raffle items that he and Susie have been working on. That should be fun. That will all be in our hospitality tent along with some freebies.

The field has been laid out with some adjustments from last year. Lyn has checked in with Warren, Dave, and the rest of the crew working on that. With one of the best additions, our very own Port a Potty!

The equipment was reviewed, and we seem to have that covered, no pun intended.  Tents, tables, banners, supplies... If you don’t think about it, all that stuff just doesn’t get there on its own.  Thanks to a great group of folks, The Pit Crew, that can pull that off.

Thanks to Erin for her quick response in putting together a promotion for our club to be seen at the car show. It highlights our club and the many events that we have and will have a QR code to check them out.

The ladies of the group discussed bringing back the After the Show Party! So, build it, and they will come. Yes, we are going to stay at the field, it’s ours to use, and enjoy the local purveyors of food and refreshments! Cheers.

Once business was over, we sat down to enjoy lunch and comradery. Many good snacks, thanks to Robin for her tasty addition. And before the food was put out Susie and Peter engaged in a competition to eat all the candy corn. Yup, all gone! After holding the group at bay as long as possible and getting the work done, they got their reward... pie.


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