Annual Car Show – 2017

dvc_badge_unshaded_lrg_cmv1_v01  August 5, 2017

Most Beautiful Day Yet for the Car Show

On August 5th the DVC Pit Crew appeared in the early morning to transform an open field into the 13th; annual “British Car Day at Pennypacker Mills”. Blessed with good weather and fueled with coffee the gang soon had the tents up, the car class spaces marked and set for registrations. A total of 83 cars were signed in with a wide variety of British marques.

Once the field was set it was busy with people strolling around, examining the cars, seeing old friends and making new ones. Next the votes were collected and tabulated with the award ceremony to follow.

Before the mugs were handed out to the winners a special award, “British Marque Favorite Award”, provided by Faith and Bruce of British Marque Car Club News was presented. They normally attend shows with the purpose of honoring owners who seem to enjoy driving their cars and have fun with them. This year they couldn’t attend and asked DVC to step in for the presentation. Pat Cawthorne volunteered to walk the field and talk to owners with that criteria in mind.

Ben and Cindi Nolan of Elmer, NJ were deemed to be such owners. Seems they were a mere 100 miles into the “Ocean to Ocean” journey from Virginia Beach, VA to Solvang, CA to attend NAMGAR GT-42 when a parking lot accident left a dent and black streak on their 1959 MGA. Since the car was still drivable they made to decision to motor on rather than return home.

With the ceremony over the Pit Crew reversed the morning process to quickly have the field back in its pristine shape and hightailed it over to Curtis and Sally Yocum’s place for a wonderfully hosted party.

Thanks to all club members for their help with the set-up, keeping the event flowing and take down. Every year they prove the old adage, “Many hands make light work”.

Also, thanks to the following show sponsors:

  • Rock Auto
  • Haggerty Insurance
  • Moss Motors
  • Little British Company
  • Victoria British Company
  • JC Taylor Insurance
  • Apple Hydraulics
  • British Marque Car Club News

2017 Car Show Winners:

Class I- Austin Healey 100-4, 100-6, 3000 & Jensen Healey
                First- David and Karen Paul, Flemington NJ, 1960 3000 BT-7 #103

Class II- Austin Healey Sprite
                No Entries

Class III- Triumph TR2, TR3, TR3A, TR4 &TR4 IRS
                First- Alex Grant, Allentown, PA 1966 TR4A #158

Class IV- Triumph TR250, TR6, TR7, TR8
                First- Roy McIver, Philadelphia, PA 1975 TR6 #141

 Class V- Triumph Spitfire, GT6 & Stag
                First- John Ricci, Turnersville, NJ 1978 Spitfire #102

Class VI- Jaguar Pre-war Roadsters, XK120, XK 140 & XK150
                First- Chris Huber IV, Norristown, PA 1955 XK140 #181
                Second- Chris Huber, Collegeville, PA 1953 Mark VII #180

Class VII- Jaguar XKE Roadsters, Coupes & XJS
                First- M Ferguson, Pennsburg PA, 1961 E-Type #151

Class VIII- Jaguar Sedans, Rolls Royce & Bentleys (Vintage & Modern)
                First- Tom Boorse, North Wales PA, 1935 Rolls Royce 20/25 #146

Class IX- Mini  Classic & Modern
                First- Thomas Potts, Allentown, PA 1968 Morris Mini #166

Class X- MG Pre 1956 Roadster, Sedan, Magnette & Variant
                First- Lee Ahrens, Reading, PA !937 TA #149
                Second- Mike Kearns, Hatboro, PA 1955 TF #116
                Third- Joe Tirrell, Birdsboro,PA 1952 TD #147

Class XI- MGA Roadster, Coupe, Twin Cam, Magnette & Variant
                First- Herb Todd, Audubon, PA 1959 A #119
                Second- Donald Scholl, West Chester PA, 1959 Twin Cam #122

Class XII- Chome Bumper MGB, MGC & MGBV8 Tourer, GT & Modified
                First- Gloria Ciarrocca, Lancaster PA, 1970 B #133
                Second- Bruce Swanson, Fleetwood, PA 1974 B GT #162
                Third- Bill Boorse, Perkiomenville,PA 1973 B GT #176

Class XIII- Rubber Bumper MGB, MGC & MGBV8, Tourer, GT & Modified
                First- Matt Ohler, North Wales, PA B #155
                Second- Karen Kearns, Hatboro, PA 1977 B #115
                Third- Dave Weyandt, Wyomissing, PA 1979 B #177

Class XIV- MG Midget Chrome & Rubber Bumper & Modified
                First- Noel Torchio, Blandon, PA 1976 Midget #138

Class V- Morgan & Daimler
                No Entries

Class XVI-Miscellaneous British Roadsters & Racers
                First- Brian Hornbeck, Behg, DE 1986 TVR 280i #175

Class XVII- Miscellaneous British Coupes, Sedans, Saloons & Utility Vehicles
                First- John Kruczek, Schwenksville, PA 1961 Morris Minor 1000 #118
                Second- Chuck Loggia, Boyertown, PA Nash Metropolitan #121

Class XVIII- British Bikes
                No Entries

Best Attending Club- Philadelphia MG

Diamond in the Rough- Chris Huber IV, Norristown, PA 1955 XK140

Ladies’ Choice- Lee Ahrens, Reading, PA; 1937 MG TA

Best in Show- Tom Boorse, North Wales PA, 1935 Rolls Royce 20/25

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Memorial Day Party – 2017

dvc_badge_unshaded_lrg_cmv1_v01  May 27, 2017

A Beautiful Day for the Annual Polish Picnic

Thanks to Eva and Adam Ilnicki for hosting the annual DVC Memorial Day Polish Picnic. The weather cooperated with a sunny, cool day. It’s a treat every year to attend and see how their beautiful back yard is progressing. New this year was a cute little cabana set as well as a fire pit with delicious chili cooking on it. The fire pit was in place of the tree trunk that was burning at the picnic last year. Of course, the usual tasty treats of kielbasa and perogies were served as well. Everyone brought either a delicious side dish or dessert to add to the feast. It was fun to watch Aza and Saba energetically romping around saying hello and welcome to all their guests. Attending were:

  • Eva and Adam Ilnicki – 1952 MGTD
  • Evelyn and Bill Webb – 1974 ½ MGB
  • Jim and Diane Sanders – Tacoma
  • Lyn and Bobbi Hughes – 1978 Spitfire
  • Pat Cawthorne – MGA
  • Mark and Janet Singer – 1971 MGB
  • Peter and Nancy Yaskowski – 1954 MGTF
  • Gloria Schwab – 1980 MGB
  • Susan and Garth Gill – 1960 MGA and 1952 TD
  • Brian Gumpert , -MGBGT
  • Sue Graham, Dick Marshal – Chevy Impala
  • Curtis and Sally Yocum, – MGB
  • Jeff Rose – MGB/GT V8 73
  • Jaimee and Tom Rippert – MGA
  • Wade and Jill Albright – Chevelle
  • Sandy and Dick Suffredini JAG
  • Paul and Evonna Phillips – 1976 Midget
  • Rob and Megan Ilnicki – 1977 Firebird
  • Bill and Linda Boorse – Mustang
  • Ray and Faith DeCesare – 1952 MG TD
  • Dave and Erin Alderfer – 1973 MGB

— Evelyn Webb



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Tech Session – 2017

dvc_badge_unshaded_lrg_cmv1_v01  April 22, 2017

2017 Tech Session

On what was supposed to be a cloudy, dry, mild day, but was actually a cloudy, drizzly, and very chilly day, 27 stoic souls came to Dave’s Garage for one last Tech Session.

Attire was everything from winter jackets to shorts, but blue jeans ruled the day.  Eight brave men drove their MGs.  The rest came in regular, waterproof, heated , regularly inspected cars.

Oil was changed, spark plugs scraped, master cylinders replaced, brakes pumped, winches repaired.  The sound of “Where’s the wrench that fits?” was often heard, as was “He has so many tools, why can’t I find what I need??!?”

Spare parts were happily plundered, with Gloria’s blessing, usually with “Don’t you want to take more?”  Adam even latched on to a very heavy lawn roller – manual variety of course.

As is usual with this group, there was way too much tasty food, so no one went away hungry.

The brave souls include:  Tom Rippert, Peter Yakowski, Lee Wesner, Mike Peterman – 76 MGB, David Alderfer – 73 MGB, Jeff Rose – 73 MGBGT V-8, Robin Rose, Dave Johnston, Louise Story- 72 MGB, John Hunt, Donna Bristol, Garth Gill, Susan Gill, Jim Sanders, Pat Cawthorne  – 58 MGA, Lyn Hughes, Paul Phillips – MGBGT, Evonna Phillips, Lew Phillips, Cora Phillips, Otto Blavier, Ruth Blavier, Chuck Denlinger, Brian Gumpert –  67 MGBGT, Warren Doerner – 77  MGB, Chuck Daniels, Adam Ilnicki -52 TD.

I thank everyone for braving the elements.  It means so very much to me.  

— Gloria Schwab

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Anniversary Party – 2017

web_201703_Anniversary_20170311-150623  March 11, 2017

47th Anniversary Party

The club gathered at the Plumbsteadville Inn on Saturday, March 11th for the annual anniversary party. Enjoyed by all, after cocktails, was a delicious lunch selection of salmon, beef or chicken salad. A few of us received honors from Dick and Tom in the form of ‘O’wards for various events that demonstrated levels of ‘superior’ mechanical talent, lousy planning or just plain bad luck! In a solemn ceremony the DVC Book of Secrets was passed from the Yaskowski’s to Curtis and Sally Yokum. Who will be next year’s honorary recipients? Maybe you, come next year and find out.

Attending were: Mark and Janet Singer, Adam and Eva Ilnicki, Donna Bristol, Bill and Evelyn Webb, Gregg and Janice Lake, Brian Gumpert and his guest Sue, Jim and Diane Sanders, Chuck Denlinger, Wolfgang Fischer, Garth and Susan Gill, Curtis and Sally Yokum, Earl Wanklin, Dick and Sandy Suffredini, Jerry and Lee Keller, Tom and Jaimee Rippert, Pete and Nancy Yaskowski, Warren and Nancy Doerner, and Pat and Patty Cawthorne. We missed Goody Fischer and Barry Williams who were scheduled but unable to attend.

— Patty Cawthorne

Members… Click here to see all the pictures!


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Merkel Museum – 2017

web_201702_Merkel_20170225-094933  February 25, 2017

2017 Merkel Museum Tour

Write-up is on the way…


Members… Click here to see all the pictures!

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