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The DVC prides itself in holding events that focus on enjoying our cars and each other's company.  The DVC also enjoys joining in with our Registers and fellow clubs to enjoy time with those outside of our club.  To see what other events are going on around us...
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2022 Events

Car Show Planning

Date:  2/26/2022
Time:  Noon
     (11:30am if you want to walk the field first)
We have a new venue... and with a new venue come new things to discuss.  What will change? What will stay the same?  What new things can we do? Come out and help us discuss and decide how the car show will look.


Date:  3/12/2022
Time:  Noon-3pm
Come out and join us for our 52nd Anniversary party.  We tried to celebrate our 50th twice and got shot down... Let's hope that three is the charm!  Let the celebration begin!

Tech Session

Date:  4/9/2022
Time:  10am-4pm
Time to get those wheels back out for another exciting season!  We have lots of trips planned.  Now is your chance to make sure the old beast is ready to party with us!

Myrtle Beach

Date:  4/23-30/2022
Time:  Week long event
We planned this for our 50th, and by golly we are going to do it this year! Come and join the DVC gang for a week of fun in Myrtle Beach! We have a lot planned. Can't do the whole thing? Then join what you can!

Markel Museum Tour

Date:  5/14/2022
Time:  11am-4pm
Join us as we tour a hidden gem.  Dave Markel has collected over 100 cars of all kinds.  Join us as we wander his garages checking out all the places where they are hidden. Cost: $25/person (for the tour; lunch is on your own)

Wildwood Weekend

Date:  5/20-22/2022
Time:  Weekend event
What could be better than a spring day in Wildwood?  How about a whole weekend?  How about a whole weekend full of events with the DVC gang?  Now, we are talking!  Get your reservations in early and join us!

Skyline Drive Weekend

Date:  6/2-6/2022
Time:  Weekend Event
The gang is heading down to Virginia for a nice dinner.  We'll visit Luray Cavern and the small car museum the next day.  Then a beautiful drive back home via the Skyline Drive! You won't want to miss this one!

Car Show Planning II

Date:  6/11/2022
Time:  9am
We had our first meeting and got things in motion.  Now it is time for a follow-up.  This will be our last gathering before the Pre-Car Show Prep on September 17.

Hank Rippert
Memorial Rally

Date:  6/26/2022
Time:  First car off at 2pm (Meet at 1:30pm)
Hank loved to drive TD-8888.  So what better way to pay tribute to our beloved founder than to have a rally in his memory?  Let's get together and drive like Hank would want us to do.

Day Party

Date:  7/16/2022
Time:  3pm until we drop
Let's celebrate our country's independence - and hopefully our independence from Covid!  And what better way to do it than an outdoor picnic with some fantastic food, fun, and camaraderie!

Grand Prix

Date:  7/21-24/2022
Time:  Weekend Event
The DVC is heading west to the other side of the state for this exciting event.  If you liked Watkins Glen last year, you will love this weekend.  Full of cars, racing, (shopping), and fun with the DVC gang!

Proper Noise Tour

Date:  8/??/2022
Time:  ??am-??pm
What is 'Proper Noise'?  Well, besides being the sound that your car should make, it is a great classic car restoration group.  Join us as we take a tour of the place then grab a nice lunch together.

Watkins Glen
Fall Festival

Date:  9/8-12/2022
Time:  Weekend Event
-=NEED HOST=-  Join us as the DVC gang returns to Watkins Glan to watch the vintage races. We'll have lots of fun at the race (and everywhere else).  Come up and hang out with us!

Pre-Car Show Prep

Date:  9/17/2022
Time:  11am-4pm
We have a lot to do before the show... Pack the goodie bags, and check the details.  Lunch is provided, but bring your favorite beverage and a chair.

17th Annual DVC
Car Show

Date:  9/24/2022
Time:  Register @ 10a; Gen'l Adm @ 11a
WE MOVED!!! We will now gather in beautiful Skippack Village!  Come out and see a field of British cars, enjoy the dining and shops of the village, and all the other attractions.  Fun for the whole family!
Go to the Car Show section of our site for more information, registration forms, and fliers.       Questions?...   Just email us at CarShow@DVCMG.com
        Pit Crew

Car Show
After Party

Date:  9/24/2022
Time:  3pm-9pm
After all the planning, set up, running, and tear down, it is time for us to kick back and relax.  So, let's get together and celebrate another wonderful car show with some good food, fun, and conversation!


Date:  10/??/2022
Time:  ??am-??pm
We are still working on this event. Do you have any ideas or want to host? Just let us know.
Meanwhile, keep an eye here for more information as we put the pieces together.
One thing that we can tell you now... You won't want to miss it!

Annual Planning Meeting

Date:  11/13/2022
Time:  1pm

Bring your thinking cap because we have a lot to discuss.  Not a lot of business stuff, but we have to plan out all of the exciting events for the upcoming year.  After we get done discussing that, we'll gather around for some pizza and chat about whatever else comes to mind.

DVC Christmas Party

Date:  12/17/2022
Time:  Cocktails 6pm; Dinner 7pm

Time to celebrate the holidays together again! Come join us for a night of fun and companionship.
Watch your snail mail for details and raffle tickets. (This year, we will again have a simpler raffle.)

2023 Events

Disclaimer: By participating in any event, you hereby agree to indemnify and hold harmless the Delaware Valley Classic MG Club, officers, and event host(s) from and against any loss, damage, claims, or demands, actions, and causes by reason of any accident, injury, death, loss, or damage whatsoever arising out of or in the course of the participant’s participation in this event.

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