Do you have questions about the club or the site?  Ask away... but in the meantime, here are some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's).  Please let us know if we didn't cover your question by using the Contact Form or emailing the System Admin directly.

What happened to the old stories from before 2020?

We took the opportunity of our 50th anniversary to do a fresh start of the DVC website.  At the same time, we don't want to toss out the old.  The old stories and pictures (as well as copies of T-talk going as far back as possible) are on our archived site.  You can get there via the "First 50 Years" link or directly at https://1st50.DVCMG.com.  So, hop in your Delorean and take a trip back in time.

How often do you post stories, and how will I know they are posted?

We publish stories as we get them (and they show up with most recent on top - no need to wade through the old ones).  Sometimes the stories beat the pictures, sometimes the pictures beat the stories.  We usually hold on a bit in hopes that they catch up.  Please remember that this is all volunteer, so it may be the day after the event, or two months later.  When we publish a new story, we also send out an email with the story and a link to the story on the web.  We will also post the link on Facebook.  They are also dated and categorized, so you can use the archive feature.  That will help you easily find stories by month and category.

How about events?  How will I know when they are, what is next, and if anything changes?

All of our events are listed in the 'DVC Events' section.  The next one is posted on the site's landing page.  At the beginning of each month we (hopefully) send out a listing of events coming up in the next three months.  If anything changes, we will post a notice on the landing page, send out an email to the club, and post it on Facebook.  (For those oldies who remember when we sent out email reminders... That system closed up.  We are hoping to get another system running.)  Oh yes... Don't forget that we also post events that we hear about that the registers and other clubs are holding.

What about fliers?  I like to put them on the refrigerator.  How will I get them?

We know how important fliers are to many of our members.  Fliers for all of our events are available on the website in PDF format for easy download and printing.  They are linked to the picture of the flier and the event listing so you can click on it and grab them quickly.  In addition, there are links in the 'upcoming events' email.

OK, I’m looking at this thing and it looks really nice, but I’m only seeing three stories.  Where are the rest?

So that we don’t have the page go on forever, we only list three to five stories at a time.  Just scroll down to the bottom and you will see “previous” and “next” indicators.  Click on them for more stories.  You can also use the Archive and Category selectors to home in on the one you are looking for.

I’m not computer savvy, how can I get around this new contraption?

The site is built on the same accepted styles used by thousands of businesses and individuals.  It is extremely self-explanatory.  If you would like a tour, just contact the System Admin.  We can arrange a video meeting and take you on a walk through the pages.

What happened to the old Yahoo reflector group? The group chats were helpful and fun.

Yahoo shut down that service.  In its place, we have created the DVC Message Board.  It is a simple group email address.  All subscribers get emails sent to the address.  (To prevent spam, only subscribers can send to the email address.)  If you are interested, please contact the System Admin and we'll set you up.
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