Hornsby Rally - 2023


On Saturday, June 17, 2023, the DVC held the (pretty-much-annual) Hornsby Rally. Sixteen members and eight cars participated. The attendees were: Bill and Sandy Goble ’53 TD; Adam and Ava Ilnicki ’52 TD; Tony and Diane Rizzello ’55 TF; Dick and Sandy Suffredini ’62 A; Graham and Susie Gill ’61 A; Joe and Susan Kipp ’68 B; Phil and JoAnn Caldwell ’73 B; and Tom and Jaimee Rippert ’76 B.  Two TD’s, a TF, two A’s, and three B’s.

The rally began in Lahaska PA at the Village Shopping parking lot and proceeded to New Jersey where we crossed over the Delaware River to our first river town of Stockton, NJ. We then drove north going through half of all the covered bridges in New Jersey (there are only two left in New Jersey). After the Green Sergeant’s covered bridge we drove further north to the second river town of Frenchtown, NJ where the town was having a town-wide celebration with music and events. We did not stop here as we had more towns to visit. We crossed over the Delaware River a second time and traveled north on Rt. 32 where we passed an eagle’s nest with two eagles watching us go by. We crossed the Delaware again and entered the third river town of Milford, NJ. By now, we needed a rest, so we stopped at the Riegel Ridge Community Center for a rest stop. After a thirty-minute rest and group photo we left Milford and travel along the river on the New Jersey side on a road the locals call “The Narrows”. Yes, this road is very narrow and requires the car traveling northbound to use pullovers when faced with an oncoming vehicle. Along the way, we saw an Osprey nest. After The Narrows, we came to the fourth river town of Riegelville, NJ. We then crossed the Delaware River again over the famous Roebling suspension bridge to Riegelville, PA. From there we travel west to the remaining three covered bridges... Knecht’s Bridge, Sheard’s Mill Bridge, and Mood’s Bridge. The rally ended at Bill and Sandy Goble’s company in Perkasie, Pa. Bill and Sandy were very gracious to let us use their restrooms as our final stop.

While we had beautiful weather throughout the rally, when we got to Perkasie a lone storm cloud found us and proceeded to rain down every drop of water it had! Yes, we got a chance to fill our “bucket” seats. As soon as we arrived at Bill and Sandy’s business the sun came out and dried us and our cars off.

The rally traveled over many beautiful back county roads in both Pennsylvania and New Jersey. If you want to do the rally yourself, the route and others are posted on our DVC website in the "Member’s Only" section. Enjoy the Ride!

-- Tony Rizzello

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