Anniversary Party - 2023


On Saturday, March 11 at the Lost Planet Brewing Company, the DVCMG celebrated 53 years since its beginning. In attendance were Ray and Faith DeCesare, Brian Gumbert, Graham and Susie Gill, Garth and Susan Gill, Paul and Evonna Phillips, Bill and Sandy Goble, Peter and Nancy Yaskowski, Jeff Rose, Chuck and Linda Daniels, Adam and Eva Ilnicki, Dave and Erin Alderfer, Warren and Nancy Doerner, Lew Philips, Dick and Sandy Suffredini, Tom and Jaimee Rippert, Tony Rizzello and Diane, Ryan and Myca Miller (MGA Coupe), Jay and Peggy Kaufman, Jim and Diane Sanders, Pat and Patty Cawthorne, Ben and Cyndi Nolan, Louise Story, and Jerry Keller. Hope I did not forget anyone. Our newer members Ryan and Myca drove their very nice MGA coupe, “Where are all the other MG’s?”, I guess some of us senior members are getting a bit soft these days.

It was a great venue and we filled the place. The beer flowed as did the conversations, with everyone enjoying a get-together after the winter’s hibernation. And no one left hungry after feasting on some very good pub grub.  Thank you, Jeff, for organizing this event.

And it wouldn’t be the Anniversary Party with the O'wards and OH were there awards.  This year’s recipients included one of our racers Garth Gill, can you spare me a spare? After a blowout on the track, Garth realized he didn’t have a spare! And Brian, hey we found your sunglasses.  Always a funny segment.  This year it was even enjoyed by some of the non-club members at the restaurant.  Thanks to Tom and Dick for continuing this tradition.

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