Concert - 2023


Nineteen members and guests rolled in to see "High Noon" perform at the Sellersville Theater.  In attendance were... Pat and Patty Cawthorne, Tom and Jaimee Rippert, Dick and Sandy Suffredini, Mark and Janet Singer, Warren and Nancy Doerner, Jim and Diane Sanders, Adam and Eva Ilnicki, Bill and Sandy Goble, Lisa Burke and guest, and Brian Gumpert.

Some of us met at the bar of the Washington House Hotel before the show for drinks. Brian handed out the tickets and we wandered up to the theatre.  The rest of the crew was waiting in the lobby to join us.

“High Noon” is a very good tribute band that only does southern rock from the 1970s. The show featured a majority of songs from “Lynyrd Skynyrd” and quite a few from “The Allman Brothers”. They also performed some from “Moly Hatchet”, “Outlaws”, “38 Special”, and “Marshall Tucker”.  All of them were excellent.

After a small amount of historical video, the band came on stage and started to play. They started off with a bang and kept on going for the rest of the concert. No warmup songs here. It is Brian’s opinion that this band has the correct sound of the original groups, and the instruments were note-for-note that of the original groups. The guitar harmony of the three (3) guitars was excellent, and this is not easy to do. An awesome sold-out concert with the best tribute band.  It was like being back in the '70s

-- Brian Gumpert

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