Markel Tour - 2022


Tom, Jaimee, & Wade Rippert, Warren Doerner & guest Doug (MGB), Ray & Faith DeCesare, Brian Gumpert & guest, new member Bill Kuehrmann (MGB), Louise Story, and Chuck & Linda Daniels gathered in Skippack Village for a private tour of Dave Markel’s car collection.

The first stop on our tour of the Markel’s Collection was the British garage. This garage contains many large sedans (Jaguar, Rolls Royce, Bentley) and some smaller types (Austin Healey and the very small Morgan three-wheeler). The next stop was the other British garage (three stories!) with many of the cars with which we are more familiar – E-type, Bugeye, MGA, huge early Bentley racer, and T-series. The upstairs also held a collection of very early motorcycles.

We then broke for lunch with the group heading off to the restaurant of their choice. Just the test run for our upcoming car show in September.

After lunch, we took a short drive to the ‘Infotech’ building. It was amazing! Sectioned into three areas, the first area contained early sprint racers. It had to be crazy to jockey one of these around. There was also a very nice TC. The next area contained thirty to forty cars. Quite a few British ones (TRs, MGAs), but also some very nice large American cars from the forties and fifties. The last section had a selection of very early American cars with some Stutzes, an unusual Willys, and some large trucks.

Some of the group continued to a fourth site to see even more of the extensive collection. The Markel collection is awesome. More vehicles than you can imagine – too many to see in one trip (this was our second time for a visit). All of them are in top show condition… and each of them is taken out regularly and driven.

-- Chuck Daniels


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