The Website Gets a Makeover


As we start to gear back up towards celebrating our second 50 years with renewed vigor, we are also bringing live a brand new, revamped website!  When you land on the page, you will be welcomed by the beautiful artwork of Hank’s daughter, Heather.  All of the important information is right there on the page… our next event, links to our event news, car show info, and more.  Want more details?  It is all within a click or two.  Of course, the member’s area is still there with all the things a member needs… and more special things to come. 

Our old site served us well for the last decade, but it was time to upgrade to something nicer.  Still, a group that drives old cars doesn’t throw things out just because they are old.  So, we kept the old site as an archive of “The First 50 Years” - a site within a site!  Here you will find all of our event (and some other) stories as well as pictures.  We even head back to the ‘days of print’ and have archived electronic copies of all of the old ‘T-talk’ issues that we could find.  Head over and reminisce.  (Don’t forget to jump back into the DeLorean to come back to the present.)

Head over to the new site and check it out!  If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions, please use the contact form or email the System Admin.

A special thank you to Lew Phillips for rebuilding the site and to Heather Rippert for allowing us to use some of her beautiful work as our landing page.  And a shout out to Tony Rizzello who helped as a second set of eyes and a “why don’t ya?” source of inspiration.

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