Car Show - 2021


After missing a year, the DVC Pit Crew shook off the cobwebs to get the Pennypacker Mills British Car Show back on the calendar.  Due to the park’s uncertainty of whether they would be scheduling events for 2021, the crew got off on a late start for planning.  We wound up losing our past collaboration with ‘The Good Old Summertime’ event in August. 

On September 25th it all came together!  We landed on a day that gave us perfect weather to be motoring about in English cars.  All the changing around from Covid had us with 53 registrants on hand, a number not seen since the first years of the event.  Still, we had great examples of British marques displayed for the pleasure of all who attended.

One thing that quickly became evident was the speed by which the Crew set up the tents for registration and awards.  Even after working the show, they still had enough steam to clear the field just as fast when it was over. That skill is something that’s been honed over the years and, like riding a bike, never truly forgotten.

As the show is one of the main ways the club signs up new members it was good to be able to stage it again.  All those who helped get it back in operation are greatly appreciated.  Now that the rust has been knocked off, 2022 should be even better.  See you next year!

-- Paul Phillips

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