Caller... You Are On The Air - 2020


At 7pm on Tuesday, February 11th, it was time to turn off the TV and turn on that trusty old radio.  (Or, for the nerds among us... grab a streaming app and listen on the computer or smart phone.)  But no matter how you did it, the goal was the same... tune into "The Racing Line" on WVLT 92.1FM out of Vineland, NJ!

After six weeks of working with the station, our very active member Graham Gill's fantastic idea was finally reality.  The entire hour long show that night featured the DVC!  Yep!  An entire hour of air time featuring our club, its history, and all things MG.

The first half of the show featured Hank and Tommy Rippert.  They discussed the club, how it started, their cars, and many side stories.  In the second half, Dick Suffredini and Jim Sanders took over.  They discussed more about the racing history of MGs (Jim races his MG with Tommy and Dick frequently helping in the pit).  They also talked more about the history, side stories, and they pushed the upcoming club events.

What a fantastic and unique way for us to kick off the golden anniversary of our club!  Thank you, Graham, for putting this together!  And thanks to Hank, Tom, Dick, and Jim for representing us so well!  And, of course, thanks to WVLT and the show's hosts, Bill Vansuskil, Geofrrey Hall, and David Back for having us on!

What?  You missed the show?  No worries!  You can check it out below!

-- Lew Phillips


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