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Message from Ed and Dee Flax

Dear DVC, Dee and I would like to express our appreciation to the DVC and its members for the recognition of our fifty years of membership and as Founding Members. The plaque you sent was completely unexpected, but is delightful to look at, and hangs in a place of honor in my garage-mahal. Dee and […]

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Wildwood Weekend - 2020

We had such a great weekend, that all we did was take pictures and have fun!  So, enjoy the pictures!

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50th Anniversary Party - 2020

The DVC was celebrating its 50th year as an MG club.  We gathered at the Red Horse Motoring Club in Pottstown, PA to mark this milestone of the club’s inception. As usual, the club rallied to the event in true MG style. We had a great representation of our membership. 68 members attended the party […]

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Mike's Garage - 2020

We were so busy taking pictures and having fun that we didn't write up a story.  Enjoy the pictures!    

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Caller... You Are On The Air - 2020

At 7pm on Tuesday, February 11th, it was time to turn off the TV and turn on that trusty old radio.  (Or, for the nerds among us... grab a streaming app and listen on the computer or smart phone.)  But no matter how you did it, the goal was the same... tune into "The Racing […]

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