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Simeone Museum - 2022

A few members attended the Best in Britain show at the Simeone Museum February 12.  Lots of green cars.  It was nice to see Ed Flax’s early TD.  Quite a nice car.  There was an interesting lecture about the history of BRG.  After the second car was made, racing began and countries identified themselves by […]

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Holiday Party - 2021

The weather was starting to turn cold, but not the spirits of the DVC gang.  Enjoy some pictures of our Holiday Party while we get a story together for you.  (That is if anyone remembers what happened.) 🙂

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Annual Meeting - 2021

A lovely fall day brought out a nice group of DVCers who were just itching to figure out events for next year.  With the sofa and chairs filled, and more people joining us virtually, the meeting got started... albeit a bit late (but that is the DVC way... no rush).  Since this is the club's […]

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Trifecta - 2021

A day that started out chilly and rainy became a wonderful three-event event for our fearless crew.  While we wait for the writeup, here are some pictures of the event...

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Car Show - 2021

After missing a year, the DVC Pit Crew shook off the cobwebs to get the Pennypacker Mills British Car Show back on the calendar.  Due to the park’s uncertainty of whether they would be scheduling events for 2021, the crew got off on a late start for planning.  We wound up losing our past collaboration […]

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