Tech Session - 2022

After a 2 year hiatus, a long list of attendees made for a busy and fun day.  Besides the host Doerners, MG drivers included new members Frank Cielo and Bob Bartelt, as well as current members Brian Gumpert, Jeff Rose, Dick & Sandy Suffredini, Tom & Jaimee Rippert, Pat & Patty Cawthorne, Jay Kaufman with […]

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Anniversary Party - 2022

'Twas a cold and snowy morn but the brave ventured out to enjoy the Anniversary gathering.  Pat & Patti Cawthorne, Dick & Sandy Suffredini, Tom & Jaimee Rippert, Garth & Susan Gill, Graham & Susie Gill, Adam & Eva Ilnicki, Jim & Diane Sanders, Brian Gumpert, Jay & Peggy Kaufman, Warren & Nancy Doerner, and […]

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Car Show Planning I - 2022

The first car show planning meeting was held February 26.  Attending were Lyn, Warren and Nancy, Peter & Nancy, Rob, Dave, Lew, Jeff, Tom, Paul & Evonna, Graham, and Chuck.  We first met at the field and did a chilly walk around.  Lyn, our field marshal, laid out his plans for the field - entrance/exit, […]

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Simeone Museum - 2022

A few members attended the Best in Britain show at the Simeone Museum February 12.  Lots of green cars.  It was nice to see Ed Flax’s early TD.  Quite a nice car.  There was an interesting lecture about the history of BRG.  After the second car was made, racing began and countries identified themselves by […]

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Holiday Party - 2021

The weather was starting to turn cold, but not the spirits of the DVC gang.  Enjoy some pictures of our Holiday Party while we get a story together for you.  (That is if anyone remembers what happened.) 🙂

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