Hank Rippert Rally - 2022

It was a great day for a rally to honor one of our club’s founding members.  Hank Rippert passed away shortly after joining us to celebrate our 50th Anniversary Party.  Hank enjoyed everything MG... especially driving them.  He often impressed others to “Enjoy the Drive”.  And that was what this rally was all about - […]

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Wildwood Weekend - 2022

The weekend started with Cawthornes and Ripperts meeting at the Cracker Barrel in Conshohocken for breakfast before a leisurely, back road drive to Wildwood. Wade stopped over to see us off as he works just around the corner. The weather was perfect as was the drive down to Wildwood. We pulled into the Marlane a […]

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Markel Tour - 2022

Tom, Jaimee, & Wade Rippert, Warren Doerner & guest Doug (MGB), Ray & Faith DeCesare, Brian Gumpert & guest, new member Bill Kuehrmann (MGB), Louise Story, and Chuck & Linda Daniels gathered in Skippack Village for a private tour of Dave Markel’s car collection. The first stop on our tour of the Markel’s Collection was […]

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DVC 50+2 Anniversary Tour - 2022

This trip was originally to take place in 2020 to celebrate our 50th year as a club.  Then COVID-19 hit and delayed us by two years.  A year of planning turned into three years of planning, replanning, and more replanning.  After two years of COVID, gas prices going up, and other issues remaining, we finally […]

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Tech Session - 2022

After a 2 year hiatus, a long list of attendees made for a busy and fun day.  Besides the host Doerners, MG drivers included new members Frank Cielo and Bob Bartelt, as well as current members Brian Gumpert, Jeff Rose, Dick & Sandy Suffredini, Tom & Jaimee Rippert, Pat & Patty Cawthorne, Jay Kaufman with […]

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