Tech Session - 2023


Our annual George Mellick Tech Session (making good use of the Dave Schwab lift) took place at the Doerner’s house on April 29.  The day was a bit chilly and damp, which kept the number of MGs low, but otherwise, spirits were high and we managed to have a fine time.  Altogether 26 people attended: Joe Tirrell, Jay Kaufman (54 TF), Adam and Eva Ilnicki, Pat and Patty Cawthorne, Dave and Erin Alderfer (73 B), Louise Story (72 B), Graham Gill (61 A), Dick and Sandy Suffredini, Jim and Diane Sanders, Lew Phillips, Tony Rizzello, Brian Gumpert (67 BGT), Jeff and Robin Rose (Mini), Tom and Jaimee Rippert (Mini), Chuck Daniels, Lyn Hughes, Warren and Nancy Doerner (77 B), and Doug MacWade (71 TR6).

Dave made the greatest use of the lift, arriving with a flat tire and a rattle to chase down.  The tire held air long enough to get him here and home (hopefully)... we never did find a hole.  The rattle turned out to be a loose rear shock bolt, NOT the exhaust system.   We also spent some time re-routing his battery ground wire.  Jay was going to do something to his TF, can’t recall what, but ended up not doing it.  Similarly, Louise brought a new antenna to install but decided the old one was good enough for now.  Graham reset his engine’s valve timing and adjusted the carbs, running well for the season ahead.  Brian’s car didn’t need anything in particular, except a jump start to send him off. Doug, who we’re trying to get to join the club (even though he drives a Triumph) replaced his air and fuel filters and reset the spark plug gaps.  Warren parked his car by the driveway entrance but showed off his recently replaced clutch with a failed release bearing. 

For those not wishing to hang around in the garage, Nancy had prepared an alternate activity, as she likes to do.   She along with Eva, Patty, Erin, Sandy, Diane, Robin, and Jaimee planted succulents in flower pots and took them home.

Of course, a DVC event wouldn’t be complete without a meal, and the potluck lunch was delicious.  Thanks to all who contributed.

-- Warren Doerner

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