Annual Meeting - 2022


One would think that a club that only has one meeting a year would need to start at six in the morning and run well into the evening to cover everything.  Not the DVC.  On November 13th, seventeen DVC members came over to Lew and Cora Phillips' house while two more joined in via video conference to take care of club business.

There were many "how have you been" discussions and then the meeting got rolling.  We ran through all the reports very efficiently and then headed into the discussion of what events we will hold next year.  The big takeaways from the 'business' stuff were that the treasury looks good, memberships are due (with dues still at $20 this year but will be $25 in 2024), we will soon be able to do membership registration/payments online, and the board members will continue for another year.  We are still looking for a Chairman.  In the meantime, Chuck and Jeff will share the role.  Interested?  Just let the board know

With the business pieces put to bed, we headed into the heart of the meeting... What fun events will we do in 2023?  While the business stuff took about 30 minutes, the event discussion went on for nearly 90 minutes.  (The DVC has its priorities.)  We ended up with a very nice mix of events that are well spread throughout the year.  The tentative calendar was approved and will be posted online in the next month or so.  Some of the events are our standard parties, the car show, the return of the Hornsby Rally, trips to Gettysburg and Wildwood, a summer picnic, a bonfire, the tech session, and some other parties.  We also are planning to do some ad hoc events such as a random "lunch run", meet-ups (like a talk at Simeone), and visiting other clubs as a group.

All that talk made us hungry, and Lew's wife Cora had us well covered.  We chowed down on her delicious chili and filled up any remaining empty spots with tomato pie, pretzels, and other goodies.  With a belly full of warm chili, the members headed home and started getting ready for what promises to be a great DVC year!

The members that attended were... Lew & Cora Phillips (Hosts), Adam & Eva Ilnicki, Chuck Daniels, Peter & Nancy Yaskowski, Tom & Jaimee Rippert, Jeff Rose, Dick & Sandy Suffredini, Jay & Peggy Kauffman, Brian Gumpert, Warren & Nancy Doerner, Tony Rizzello (Online), and Jim Sanders (Online).

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