Annual Meeting - 2021


A lovely fall day brought out a nice group of DVCers who were just itching to figure out events for next year.  With the sofa and chairs filled, and more people joining us virtually, the meeting got started... albeit a bit late (but that is the DVC way... no rush).  Since this is the club's only meeting each year, we had a decent list of things to go over.  Again, in DVC fashion, we pushed quickly through the boring reports, had some spirited discussions, and took aim for the pièce de résistance... the upcoming events.  As usual, the ideas stalled a bit at the start, but once the old juices got flowing, we came up with a nice tentative schedule.  Keep an eye out for lots of great events for 2022... from theater, to drives, to a possible week-long celebration.  Like we have been saying... Covid or not, we WILL celebrate our 50th... and 2022 may just be the year!

With the business and planning stuff out of the way, it was time to say so long to our virtual crew, relocate to the dining room, and chow down on some tasty treats... including shrimp and chili.  Our thanks to Lew and (especially) Cora Phillips for hosting the event and feeding us.

Want to see all the good stuff that we discussed?  Then you'll have to log into the member area of the website and check out the minutes to the meeting.  As a little taste, here are some highlights...

  • We lined our calendars up a bit more.  Going forward, the board member year will coincide with our fiscal, membership, and event year (calendar year).
  • We have some new changes on the board... Lew Phillips has stepped down as Chairman - Jeff Rose & Chuck Daniels will be filling the role together until a new Chair is found; Nancy and Peter Yaskowski have stepped down as Treasurers - Jay and Peggy Kaufman have stepped up to fill the position; Jeff Rose is staying on another year as Events; Chuck Daniels is staying on another year as Membership; Lew Phillips is staying on another year as Systems Administrator.
  • Paul and Evonna Phillips have also stepped down as Car Show leads.  We thank them for all their years of service to the club and the fantastic car shows that they have led.  They set the bar high.  Chuck Daniels will be taking over as Car Show lead.
  • Speaking of the Car Show... Big changes!  We are moving the date to September 24th next year, and <drumroll>  we are moving the venue to Skippack Village!  The change was decided just hours before the meeting, so there is plenty to do.  Keep an eye out as we put the show back together at a new venue!

That wraps things up.  If you want more details, just check out the minutes on the website.  So, with our annual meeting in the books for 2021... Start your engines for fun in 2022!  See you at the events!

-- Lew Phillips

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