Message from Ed and Dee Flax


Dear DVC,

Dee and I would like to express our appreciation to the DVC and its members for the recognition of our fifty years of membership and as Founding Members. The plaque you sent was completely unexpected, but is delightful to look at, and hangs in a place of honor in my garage-mahal. Dee and I are sorry that we were unable to attend the 50th anniversary celebration, due to an important family event the same weekend.

It feels  strange to be talking about being a founding member after the loss of our founder and leader, Hank Rippert. Hank and I shared many wonderful times together, from the founding of the DVC in 1970; including early local gatherings in Manayunk, driving trips through eastern Pennsylvania roads, and adventures in our TD's including his being my navigator on the 1000 Mile Marathon to GOF Mk XIV in Hudson, OH forty-eight years ago this week. Hank organized the OOTTT trip in 1986 that was the first of it’s kind and joined us on the Circuit of Britain in 1990. He was instrumental in recognizing me with the George Eyston award twice for participation at NEMGTR events. We miss Hank and hope his family and friends are comforted by so many wonderful memories of the years he spent with us all.

We do look forward to being able to once again gather for in-person DVC and MG events.

Best regards,

Ed & Dee Flax

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