Car Badges & Name Tags

Of course we have name tags for you to wear.  And car badges for your car to wear!
These are special items and it may take a little while to get them to you.

Let us know who you are with a DVC name badge!

Get your name engraved next to our logo.  These name badges are great to help new people (and us older ones who forget easily) know who you are.  They are especially useful when at car shows and register events.  Get one for the glove compartment of your MG and another for your regular car.

Regalia Order Form

We have a few of these specially ordered car badges left.
Better get one while you can!

The artwork for these jewelry quality badges was done by the late Marlene DiCroce. These 3 ¼” octagon, stamped bronze badges are both polished nickel plated AND 24k. Gold plated with a gloss black cloisonné finish.  The mounting is by vertical rear studs on 2” centers (back plate included).

These beautiful car badges are available to members only for only $25.00.  Pick-up delivery can be arranged, or we can ship via USPS Priority Mail for an additional $8.00. 

Contact us for more information or order one via the special order form.

Regalia Order Form
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