Calling Dr. DVC!

Need an extra hand?.......
Don't know where to start?.......
Just want someone who 'knows' to be there for your first time?.......
Then call on Dr. DVC!

We've all been there... scratching our head after hours under the hood - and the darn thing still won't start... wanting someone there the first time you try something to tell you that you did it right - after all, brakes are kind of important... wishing that the dog had opposing thumbs so that he could help line this thing up...  ready to throw in the towel.

Well, now there is help! The DVC is chock full of Dr. DVC's with all kinds of experience working on MGs. We have people who can spend an evening debating why you should trim 4/1000" off your dwibble-thwacker, people who can lengthen any short-circuit, and people who can make a car's finish so shiny you can shave in it (uh... sorry, ma'am). And we are always looking for a reason to get together, tinker, talk cars, and maybe down a pint or two.

Dr. DVC Request

Some Frequently Asked Questions...

Does he only handle celebrities or can I ask the good doctor for some help?

Of course you can! Anyone can ask a question, but only DVCMG member can ask for a 'house-call'. What?!!! You aren't a member? No problem! Just join us! Click here and apply right now!

How do I get in contact with the good doctor?

Just send him a request form. Please add some information so we know more about the case.

But what if I only have a question, or only need a little bit of help?

Well, if you just need to tap the doc's brain, then hop on over to the club's Yahoo! Group ( and post your question there. If you just need a little help, the doc is pretty good at forming a Quick Response Team - ask him about it!

Who is going to show up? And when?

Anybody, whenever... Here is how it works... First, you request a house call with a tentative date; next, the doc will check his calendar of DVC events and put out the call; as soon as the team is assembled, the doc will confirm your appointment and let you know how many medics will be coming! (Hint: Check out the DVC Events Calendar first to avoid conflicts and give us a little time to get our team together.)

Can I be a Dr. DVC, too?

SURE!!! Just answer the call for help! If you would also like to be on the doctor's Quick Response Team, just let him know through the Yahoo! Group or by using the contact form.

What kinds of things can the doc help me with?

The doc has a wide spectrum of talents. He can help with things from figuring out problems that have you stumped, to lending a hand when a few extra 'bodies' would be useful or 'spotting' you when you are doing something for the first time, all the way to helping evaluate what work a car needs - and anything in between!

What do I need to have?

The doc requests that you have a garage to work in. It doesn't have to be climate controlled, but let us know if we should bring heaters or fans.

Now the big question... how much will all this cost me?

NOTHIN! But tinkering can create a powerful thirst, so a case or so of brew would be very welcome (uh... for medicinal purposes of course!). And the doc has never been known to turn away a contribution of donuts or pizza!
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