Thanks for volunteering to host a DVC event.  Our events are normally held on a day and time that are mutually convenient to you and our membership, and are decided on at our yearly annual meeting and then listed on our events calendar.  Here are some guidelines to assist you to make sure that your event is a success.  (Check out the Christmas FAQ if you are hosting the Christmas party.)

FACILITY: Where you hold your event is up to you.  Use your imagination.  We have visited museums, air shows, theaters, golf, bowling, and more.  In good weather, we often will hold rallies where we meet at a parking lot as a starting point, drive the rally, and end at a restaurant or someone's home.  The key here is to book your venue (or plan out your rally) as far ahead as possible.  If a deposit is needed, contact the Events Chair and they will help arrange for a DVC check from the Treasurer. 

If you opt to hold an event at your home or at a park, the DVC owns a large tent and several folding tables that can be utilized.  Please note that the tent is quite large and takes 4 to 6 adults to put it up and take it down.

PRICING:  Admission and tickets purchases are to be paid by those attending.  If a deposit is needed for the event, it is best to arrange for RSVP with prepayment.  Be sure to mention a deadline in the flyer and give yourself a bit of cushion time.  Events that involve hotel stays should be handled by arranging for a "block" of rooms at a discounted price if available.  The attendees should be instructed to make their own reservation and reference the DVC to get the discount.  

FOOD & BEVERAGES:  Attendees are responsible for paying for their meals for events that end or are held at a restaurant.  Prepayment and deposit checks can be arranged by contacting the Events Chair who will help get a DVC check from the Treasurer.  Be sure to include tax and gratuity in the per person costs so there are no surprises when the money is collected.  Please remember that an important part of your efforts is to find a facility that combines reasonable prices with a casual (DVC style) atmosphere.  Many of our events are chip-in style.  It’s really up to you as to how you want your event to go.

Another option is to host the meal portion of the event at your home or other location where food can be brought and shared.  When doing this kind of event, the attendees are generally asked to bring along a dish to share (pot luck style).  The host is generally responsible to provide the main dish (example: grilled chicken, burgers, etc.), soft drinks, and condiments.  The DVC will reimburse the host for these expenses.  Please contact the Events Chair for more information on the maximum amount permitted. 

Please note that the DVC no longer provides alcoholic beverages, nor do we reimburse for them.  As of January 2018, our events are BYO.  The host may provide alcoholic beverages, but it is totally at their discretion, expense, and responsibility.  The DVC will provide soft drinks, tea, coffee, water, etc. and mixers.

FLYER:  The creation of a flyer is the event host’s responsibility.  Don’t panic yet, it’s simple and there are plenty of past years examples to serve as a guide.  Generally speaking, the flyer contains the event name, date/time, venue address, written directions (as needed), costs, registration form (if required), and any other pertinent information.  It should be emailed to the Events Chair and cc'ed to the Webmaster no later than 3 months prior to the event.  If you really don't want to do the flyer, just let the Events Chairman know and we will help put it together for you.

Special events with special mailing needs (like the Christmas Party) can also be sent via the mail.  Address labels are available from the Membership Chairman.  Expenses for duplicating/postage will be reimbursed from the Treasurer, if required (please get clearance from the Events Chair first). 

ROSTER/INSTRUCTIONS:  Attendees names need to be recorded for the event write-up.  A sign-in sheet is the easiest method.  Preregistration rosters should also be kept if your event involves prepaid tickets, the selection of dinners, and the like.  The use of handouts will be required in some cases, such as a rallye or a weekend trip.  Accuracy counts above all else here.

WEBSITE ARTICLE:  The event host also is requested to write up the event for the website and send it to the T-eTalk Editor for review.  While a nice story about the event is appreciated, we realize that not everyone likes to do those.  A short article describing your event and who attended will suffice.  Our Editor can always "punch it up" for you.  Just don’t panic, there are plenty of writers that can assist you if you suffer from “pen fright”.  The key here is to get the write up in as soon after the event as possible, while memories are still sharp.

LASTLY:  Don’t be afraid to be creative, or of doing something different than past year’s events.  Please don’t hesitate to ask questions or to ask for some assistance or guidance.  Remember, most importantly, to communicate any problems quickly to the Events Chairman so that they can be resolved ASAP.  Thanks again for your help, and we can’t wait to see what a great time everybody will have at your event.