Funkana – 2018

Web_201809_Funkana_20180915-005720   September 15, 2018

Hang in there as we get the story together. In the meantime, enjoy some pictures of the event.

— The Editor

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P3 Party – 2018

Web_201808_P3_Party_20180804-053334  August 4, 2018

Hang in there as we get the story together. In the meantime, enjoy some pictures of the event.

— The Editor

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Annual Car Show – 2018

Web_201808_Car_Show_20180803-231000  August 4, 2018

On August 4th, 2018 the DVC Pit Crew appeared in the early morning hours to transform an open field In Schwenksville, Pa into the car show field for the 14th annual “British Car Day at Pennypacker Mills”. After a night of heavy and steady rain, the morning took a turn for the better and the gang soon had the tents up, the car class spaces marked, and were set for registrations. Registrations this year were down some from previous years with 68 cars attending, but it was later learned that a number of roads in the area were closed due to flooding hampering attendance.

Once the field was set it was busy with people strolling around, examining the cars, seeing old friends and making new ones. Next the votes were collected and tabulated with the award ceremony to follow.

After the class awards were handed out a special award, “British Marque Favorite Award”, provided by Faith and Bruce of British Marque Car Club News was presented.  The purpose is to honor owners who seem to enjoy driving their cars and have fun with them.  No “Trailer Queens” need to apply.

Warren and Nancy Doerner of Schwenksville, PA were deemed worthy of the prize. No matter the time of year, every MG event they attend they will be seen driving their 1978 MGB. This year’s excursions included NAMBGR at Gettysburg.

With the ceremony over the Pit Crew reversed the morning process to quickly have the field back in its pristine shape and it was off to “Sally World” for a wonderfully hosted party at Curtis and Sally Yocum’s.

Thanks to all club members for their help with the set-up, keeping the event flowing, and take down. Every year they prove the old adage, “Many hands make light work”.

Also, thanks to the following show sponsors:

  • Apple Hydraulics
  • British Carburetors
  • British Marque Car Club News
  • British Wiring
  • Haggerty Insurance
  • Hendrix Wire and Wheel
  • JC Taylor Insurance
  • Little British Company
  • Moss Motors
  • Ragtops and Roadsters
  • Rock Auto
  • Victoria British Company

2017 Car Show Winners:

Class I – Austin Healey 100-4, 100-6, 3000, Jensen Healey
               First – David and Karen Paul, Flemington, NJ;   1960 3000 BT-7 #108

Class II – Austin Healey Sprite
               No Entries

Class III – Triumph TR2, TR3, TR3A, TR4, TR4 IRS
               No Entries

Class IV – Triumph TR250, TR6, TR7, TR8
               First – Neil Hamill, Collegeville, PA;   1976 Triumph TR6 #134

Class V – Triumph Spitfire, GT6, Stag
               First – Lyn Hughes, Harleysville, PA;   1978 Triumph Spitfire #101

Class VI – Jaguar Pre-war Roadsters, XK120, XK 140, XK150
               No Entries

Class VII – Jaguar XKE Roadsters, Coupes, XJS
               No Entries

Class VIII – Jaguar Sedans, Rolls Royce, Bentleys (Vintage & Modern)
               First – Eugene Gosthnian, Middletown, PA;   2018 Jaguar F-Type #151

Class IX – Mini Classic & Modern
               First – Thomas Potts, Allentown, PA;   1968 Morris Mini #163

Class X – MG Pre 1956 Roadster, Sedan, Magnette & Variant
               First – Lee Ahrens, Reading, PA;   1937 TA #148
               Second – Tom and Jaimee Rippert, Perkiomenville, PA;   1953 TD #129
               Third – Clifford Maurer, Kutztown, PA;   1954 TF #118

Class XI – MGA Roadster, Coupe, Twin Cam, Magnette & Variant
               First – Alex Grant, Allentown, PA;   1961 MGA #156
               Second – Herb Todd, Audubon, PA;   1959 MGA #139
               Third – Nancy Yankowski, Spring City, PA;   1960 MGA

Class XII – Chrome Bumper MGB, MGC & MGBV8 Tourer, GT & Modified
               First – Bruce Swanson, Fleetwood, PA;   1974 B GT #154
               Second – Lawrence King, Wyomissing, PA;   1971 B #153
               Third – Gloria Ciarrocca, Lancaster PA;   1970 B #128

Class XIII – Rubber Bumper MGB, MGC & MGBV8, Tourer, GT & Modified
               First – Steven McDowell, Woodbridge, VA;   1979 B #103
               Second – Richard Littick, Glen Arm, MD;   1977 B #135
               Third – Mark Johnson, Gilbertsville, PA;   1976 B #149

Class XIV – MG Midget Chrome & Rubber Bumper & Modified
               First – Noel Torchio, Blandon, PA;   1976 Midget #132

Class XV – Morgan & Daimler
               No Entries

Class XVI – Miscellaneous British Roadsters & Racers
               First – Lori Noyes, Brownstown, PA;   1965 Sunbeam Tiger #160

Class XVII – Miscellaneous British Coupes, Sedans, Saloons & Utility Vehicles
               First – Jeff Rose, Spring City, PA;   1994 Lotus Esprit S4 #123

Class XVIII – British Bikes
               First – Stephen Kemmerer, Perkiomenville, PA;   1974 Norton Roadster #170

Best Attending Club – Philadelphia MG

Diamond in the Rough – Pat Cawthorne, Warminster, PA;   1958 MGA #127

Ladies’ Choice –  Lee Ahrens, Reading, PA;   1937 MG TA #148

Best in Show – Lee Ahrens, Reading, PA;   1937 MG TA #148

British Marque Favourite Award – Warren & Nancy Doerner, Schwenksville, PA;    1978 MGB

— Paul Phillips

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Hornsby Rallye – 2018

web_201807_Hornsby_20180714-034229  June 2, 2018

Karen and Dave Paul planned and sponsored the perfect summer classic event: Perfect weather, an excellent rallye route through Upper Bucks County, and a fine picnic at their home in Flemington, New Jersey.

A road rallye for drivers and driver cars only, six MGs and one TR6 accepted the challenge of wheeling from Ottsville, Pennsylvania, through beautiful Bucks County, crossing the Delaware River at Frenchtown, New Jersey and winding their way through Hunterdon County, New Jersey to Flemington.

The driving was a short, joyous challenge, for sure, and adding to the fun was a contest of answering 30 questions along the way, which served as the main scoring criteria for the event with time and mileage being used in the event of a tie. Of course there was a tie to be broken in order to determine the winners.

The finale for the day was a picnic at the Paul’s, which included cooling off visits to Dave Paul’s “Garage-Mahal” where plenty of good food and drink were consumed.

The drivers and navigators taking part in this year’s annual Hornsby Rallye were:
Graham and Susie Gill MGTD, Garth and Susan Gill MG 1100, Tom and Jamiee Rippert MGTD, Dick and Sandy Suffredini MGTD, Dave and Erin Alderfer MGB, Adam and Eva Ilnicki MGTD, non-member Bob Ruby TR6, and Dave and Karen Paul MGA.

Pewter was awarded to the following:

• Third place: Dave and Erin Alderfer
• Second place: Graham and Susie Gill
• First place and winner of The Hornsby Cup: Tom and Jaimee Rippert

— Dave and Karen Paul

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Memorial Day Party – 2018

web_201806_Mem Day Picnic_20180602-174823  June 2, 2018

The day of Ilnicki’s Memorial Day Party had a forecast for heavy downpours starting at 3:00 p.m.  Adam, Eva and their son Rob spent the entire morning preparing for these predicted downpours by erecting canopies and tarps in hopes to keep everyone dry. People started to arrive around 3:00 with coolers and food in hand. Six MG’s, including Adam’s, adorned the Ilnicki front yard.

Adam had a fire going in the back yard with a pot of spicy jambalaya cooking over the flames. It was time to eat. Adam and Eva made their famous Polish kielbasa and pierogies, and everyone else brought delicious salads and desserts.

The afternoon progressed into evening without a drop of rain. Was it another bad weather forecast or did the tarps and canopies keep us dry. Guess we’ll never know. Everyone enjoyed the day with DVC friends while listening to Adam’s music.

Those in attendance were:

  • Wolfgang and Gudie Fischer – 2005 Volvo
  • Tom and Jaimee Rippert – 1976 MGB
  • Paul and Evonna Phillips – 1973 MGB GT
  • Louise Story – 2009 Infiniti
  • Dick and Sandy Suffredini – 2016 Subaru
  • Curtis and Sally Yocum – 1974 MGB
  • Garth and Susan Gill – 2016 Subaru
  • Rob Ilnicki – 1977 Firebird
  • Dave and Erin Alderfer – 1973 MGB
  • Warren and Nancy Doerner – 1977 MGB
  • Graham and Susie Gill – 2006 Saab
  • Jeff and Robin Rose – 2017 Mini Cooper
  • Adam and Eva Ilnicki – 1952 MGTD

Also attending the party were “Buddy” Fischer (Golden Retriever), and “Aza” and “Saba” Ilnicki (the Doberman sisters).

— Jamie Rippert

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