You may have noticed a “Click here to RSVP” button on our DVC Events Page and wondered what it is all about.  Well, if you’ve ever hosted an event, you know that DVC’ers RSVP the way a lot of people do – by showing up at the event.  That makes it a bit hard when you are trying to plan for food or for when you should figure that ‘everyone is here’ and start the event.  But in defense of those of us who are RSVP challenged, there are often good reasons.  The biggest may be that you think about RSVP’ing at 11pm – and no one wants to call and wake the host up at that hour.

So, we are trying to make life easier for everyone, hosts and guests, by using a site called “Sign Up Genius”.  By using this method, you can RSVP 24/7.  On top of that, the site helps answer that age old questions – “What should I bring?”.  When you sign up for an event that includes bringing something to share, you can sign up for it when you RSVP – and see what everyone else is bringing so you don’t wind up duplicating it.  And the host can check it out anytime and see what is coming and what is missing.  We’ve also created a version for weekend events so that you can let everyone know when you will be getting to the event and when you will be leaving.  Should make getting together with others to drive together much easier.

So, how does it work, you may ask.  Very simple.  Just click on the button and it will take you to the sign-up page.  So that we don’t have everyone in the world signing up, you have to use the password for the current year.  Click on the RSVP now button on the sign in page and it will help guide you through the rest.

If you are signed into SUG, you will be asked to confirm things.  If not, you will be asked if you want to sign-in or create an account.  You don’t have to create an account if you don’t want to.  Just enter your name and email and it will let you keep going.  The beauty of having an account is that it lets you see what you have already signed up for and makes it easy to change things if you need to alter your RSVP.  Personally, I would recommend creating an account there for all the convenience that it gives you.  (Oh, and they also have an option to send you an iCal invitation so you can add it to your on-line calendar!)

So there you have the new way to RSVP – as easy as clicking a couple of buttons.  Now all we have to do is remember to do it.  🙂