Members Only

American Express says, “Membership has its privileges”.  The same is true for the DVC.  Not only does being a member give you the privilege of saying, “I’m a DVC’er!” (the ultimate privilege), but there are other perks.

Another perk as a member is that you are invited to join the “Reflector”.  This is a Yahoo! Group where members get together via email to ‘chat’ about all things MG and just about anything else.  Members are invited to join the “Reflector” by visiting

Members are also able to access some additional pages as well as the Membership Listing.  Not sure how to contact the new friends you made at the last event?  Here is where you will find the info!

So what are you waiting for?  Fill out a membership application.  Join us and join the fun!

(Note:  Due to some unscrupulous hackers, we have been forced to add another layer of security to the member pages.  When the extra window appears, please enter “member” as the user name and the current year’s password.)