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2019 DVC Club Events

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Date: Sat, 1/19/2019    Time: 1:00 pm
Order tickets from Ripperts by 12/17/2018
Title: Sellersville Theater
Where: Sellersville Theater, Sellersville, PA
Description: Join us as we go back in time to hear the sounds of the Harry James Orchestra.
RSVP: Rippert – 610-287-9325

Date: Sun 2/10/2019    Time: 3:35
Title: Movie Tavern Time
Where: Movie Tavern; Flourtown, PA
Description: Join us for a movie complete with beer and wine. And a party after.
RSVP: Gill – 215-704-9599

Date: Sat, 3/9/2019    Time: 1pm
Title: 49th Anniversary Party
Where: Pizza Como/PC Pub; Pennsburg, PA
Description: Celebrate 49 years of the DVC!
RSVP: Rippert – 610-287-9325

Date: Sat, 4/13/2019    Time: 10am
Title: Tech Session
Where: Doerner Garage
Description: Time to get our cars rolling for the season!
RSVP: Doerner – 610-287-6169

Date: Sat, 5/4/2019    Time: 9:15 am @ Starbucks, 180 W. DeKalb, KofP
Title: Valley Forge Park Picnic
Where: Valley Forge Park
Description: Come out and bring along a picnic lunch.
RSVP: Rose – 215-870-0769

Date: Fri-Sun, 5/17-19/2019    Time: Weekend
Title: Wildwood Weekend
Where: Marlane Motel, Wildwood, NJ
Description: Join us for a weekend at the Jersey shore.  Reserve room by 4/13.
RSVP: Rippert/Fisher – 609-465-0267

Date: Sat, 6/1/2019    Time: 3:00 pm
Title: Memorial Day Picnic
Where: Ilnicki’s
Description: Come out and enjoy a night under the stars (or under the table).
RSVP: Ilnicki – 215-513-9440 by 5/24/2019
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Date: Sat, 7/13/2019    Time: First car off at noon
Title: Hornsby Rallye and Picnic
Where: TBD
Description: Join us for our annual rallye and a picnic at Dave & Karen Paul’s home.
RSVP: Covered dish: Paul – 908-237-2491; Rallye; Sanders – 215-453-1564

Date: Sat, 8/3/2019    Time: 8am setup; 10am registration; 11am public; party after we close down
Title: DVC Pennypacker Show & P3 – Post Party 
Where: Pennypacker Manor; Schwenksville, PA
Description: Our annual car show continues in our 15th year! Followed by our traditional Post Party.
RSVP:  Yocum’s – 610-324-1566

Date: Saturday, 9/7/2019    Time: 8:30 am
Title: Radnor Hunt
Where: Radnor Hunt Club, Radnor, PA
Description: We’ll meet up on the grounds of the Hunt Club along with a bevy of other Concours cars. The Concours’ rally starts around 10 AM and we will follow our own course to Chanticleer for a picnic lunch – don’t forget to pack one (wine permitted). Later you can walk the gardens of well-planned plantings and landscapes. (Note: There is a $10 per person entrance fee to the gardens.
RSVP: Story – 610-647-1620 – ltmgtd@gmail.com

Date: Saturday, 10/26/2019    Time: Noon
Title: Pumpkin Tour
Where: Suffredini Home
Description: Join us for a fall foliage tour with stops to get pumpkins and apples.  Then head back to Suffredini’s for food and beverage while we carve our Jack-o-lanterns.
RSVP: Suffredini – 215-355-3053

Date: Sun, 11/10/2019    Time: 1:00 pm
Title: Annual DVC Planning Meeting
Where: Cawthorne Home
Description: Bring your ideas for next year’s events!
RSVP: Cawthorne – 215-672-5289

Date: Sat, 12/7/2019    Time: 6:00 pm
Title: Holiday Party
Where: Woodside Inn, Schwenksville, PA
Description: Celebrate the holidays with the rest of the DVC gang!
RSVP: Yaskowski – 610-948-7554 & Sanders – 215-453-1564

Date: Sat, 1/4/2020    Time: 7:30 pm (show starts at 8pm)
Order tickets from Ripperts by 12/9/2019
Title: Sellersville Theater
Where: Sellersville Theater, Sellersville, PA
Description: Join us for a tribute to Lynyrd Skynyrd and southern rock.
RSVP: Rippert – 610-287-9325

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