Even though we have been live for some time, we still get questions.  So here are some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)!  Please let us know if we didn't cover your question by using the Contact Form or emailing the Webmaster directly.

  • How often do I get stories? – We will publish stories as we get them.  This is all volunteer, so it may be the day after the event, or two months later.  We will also publish a newsletter summary every month.  If there are no articles that month, it will just be for event listing and other reminders.  We aim for the first of the month, but, again, this is all volunteer, so if it slips to mid month or misses a month, we must have gotten over whelmed.
  • We have a Yahoo Group and I get event alerts from there.  Why don't I get the details in that email? – To keep the main info handy, we have it in at least four different places.  So that we reduce the risk of conflicting info, we only have the email as a reminder.  The details are on the website.  Check out the listing, the flyer, or the home page for more details.
  • The newsletter gave us all the stories for the last three months.  I didn’t have to wade through old stuff to find the new.  How will I know when new things are added and how will I sort it out? – New stories will be added to the top of the list and emailed out, so you only have to read until it looks familiar.  They are also dated and categorized, so you can use that as a guide.  In addition, they are all archived by month and category, so you can go in once a month if you wish, and just read the stories from last month, or check out a category.  We also will be sending out an email at the beginning of each month with a listing of all the new stories complete with  a synopsis and link to the story.  (And for you fellow geeks, the new site is being set up as an RSS feed!  Oh, it also has special formatting for smart phone use!)
  • What about fliers?  I like to put them on the refrigerator.  How will I get them? – We know how important fliers are to our members.  We will keep the most up to date versions available on the website in PDF format for easy download and printing.  They will be linked to both the calendar and event listing so you can find them quickly.  In addition, we will send out the links for the next three month’s worth with each month’s email.  Oh… and the home page will feature the next event plus a link to the flier.
  • OK, I’m looking at this thing and it looks really nice, but I’m only seeing three stories.  Where are the rest? – So that we don’t have the page go on forever, we only list three to five stories at a time.  Just scroll down to the bottom and you will see “previous” and “next” indicators.  Click on them for more stories.  You can also use the Archive and Category selectors to hone in on the one you are looking for.
  • I’m not computer savvy, how can I get around this new contraption? – The site is built on the same accepted styles used by thousands of businesses and individuals.  It is extremely self-explanatory.  Still, it has some neat bells and whistles.  We hope to give a very brief demo of the site at the annual meeting and hope to have an ‘event’ to show people around.  In addition, you are welcome to contact the webmaster with any questions.
  • What is going to happen to the Yahoo reflector group and the announcement emails? – The Yahoo group will remain as is.  We will still use it as an email reflector/chat resource.  We will also be using it to send out the automatic event reminders three and five days before each event.  (Please note: The auto email from the Yahoo group is only intended as a reminder of the event.  It will not contain details.  For that, all you have to do is reference the on line flier.)