Wildwood Weekend has been RESCHEDULED for 6/5-7

The DVC is the proud home of the Pennypacker Mills Car Show.
This year celebrating our 16th year!

Hank Rippert  1945-2020

It is with great sadness and heavy hearts that we announce the passing of our club founder, Hank Rippert. Hank passed away yesterday (05/15/2020) afternoon following many years of battling various health issues.

50 years ago, Hank and several others formed the DVCMG. His vision of creating a car club that was not just based on spark gaps and gear ratios, but focused on friendships, comradery, and family has kept our club strong and vibrant. The turnout and fun at our recent anniversary party is testament to Hank’s vision. (We are so glad you were there!)

Hank was not just involved with the DVC, he also gave a great deal of time and effort to the New England MGT Register (NAMGTR) and served in many capacities. Hank and ‘MG’ became virtually synonymous. A search for him pulls up numerous items including a YouTube interview. This past February, he was interviewed on WVLT radio.

The DVC extends its sincere sympathy and gratitude to Hank’s family, his DVC/NAMGTR ‘family’, and his many friends.

Hank… It has been an honor and a privilege to know you and call you friend. You will be greatly missed. Now, go grab ‘Pops’ and some MoonPies, hop in a TD, and speed around heaven, then have a nice chat about all things MG with those who have gone before. We’ll see you on the other side! Safety Fast, old friend, Safety Fast!


COVID-19 Update

Please note the following event changes:

Myrtle Beach – Postponed to next year
Wildwood Weekend RESCHEDULED to 6/5-7

Memorial Day – Postponed to next year



Reserve room for Wildwood Weekend by May 10, 2020

Be sure to let them know you are coming so they have a seat waiting for you!
(Also nice if you let them know you can’t make it.)

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We are located in the Delaware Valley which surrounds Philadelphia, PA and includes New Jersey, and Delaware.

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