The DVC is the proud home of the Pennypacker Mills Car Show.
This year celebrating our 12th year!

Lehigh Valley Wine Tour

Sat, August 27, 2016
The Singers
38 Hawthorne Ln. Boyertown, PA

Join us as we travel the beautiful Lehigh Valley with stops at four wineries!
Pack a light lunch for the trip, then join us for dinner afterwards!

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Next Car Show Meeting: TBD
TPat on the back, kick in the butt meeting!
Time and place to be determined.

The music has stopped and
the chairs are filled!

With the retiring of Tom, Dick, and Chuck (Chuck… Can we call you Harry?), and the swapping of roles of Patty and Jim,
we now have a new set of chairpersons!

Patty is our new Chair; Jim is Events; Adam is Membership;
Paul H. is Sponsors; Lew is hanging on as Sys Admin; and now…

Pete & Nancy Yaskowski have taken on the role of Treasurer!

Thanks, Pete and Nancy for filling our chairs!

Pete and Nancy will begin June 1, 2016.
If you have any questions or comments, just get hold of any of us.

 The DVC is also the home of the mighty Doctor DVC!
Have questions about your MG? Need help?
Just call on the good doctor!

The DVC is an all MG club…
From Pre-War to MGF
Especially the T-Series, MG-A, MG-B, MG-C, and Midgets …
We are looking for people who like to drive their cars
and have a good time!

We are located in the Delaware Valley which surrounds Philadelphia, PA and includes New Jersey, and Delaware.

Come join us for our next event!

The cars brought you here, the friendships keep you here.

We are affiliated with the New England MGT Register (NAMGTR), the North American MGA Register (NAMGAR), and the North American MGB Register (NAMGBR).

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since April 24, 2004 – Keep that MG Running!.

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There have been visitors in 2015.
(There were 4581 in 2015, 5256 in 2014, 6010 in 2013,
7107 in 2012, 6590 in 2011, 6480 in 2010, 6434 in 2009,
7037 in 2008, 6510 in 2007, & 16251 from 4/2004 though 2006).

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Family Golf, Tour, & Picnic
Please note… The Funkana event has moved to July 20th. Please update your calendars.